Do you want to feel this comfortable with your life?
Do you want to feel this comfortable with your life?

How can natural energy healing therapies help you?

Natural energy healing therapies can work on a mind, body and soul level.

Natural energy healing therapies are all about helping us to live higher quality life experiences where health, well-being and vitality are the 'norm'.

If you are feeling 'out of sorts' on physical, mental, emotional or deeper levels then you may be experiencing any number of symptoms.

These may include

physical blockage or tension

emotional distress





a deep knowing that you are not authentically aligned with your true self and purpose in life.

Any sense of not feeling fulfilled, empowered and aligned with all that is good in life can indicate areas where natural energy healing therapies can bring the 'missing link' back into your everyday sense of health and well-being.

Whether it is a course of yoga therapy

or a session of feng shui to clear clutter, cleanse your home and your inner self

or shamanic healing to shift soul levels into alignment......there is sure to be a solution for you in these pages!

Jo Badger offers natural energy healing therapies that range from

feng shui consultations,

space clearing,

Sivananda Vedanta Yoga teaching,

yoga therapy for backache, tension and anxiety

Shamanic Healing, drumming and healing circle workshops

Tarot and Astrology readings

Jo is a qualified and insured practioner with 20 years experience working in the field of natural healing. Jo maintains an active practice in the following disciplines:-

Feng shui consultations work to create natural energy flow through domestic and business environments, gardens and personal energy space. Feng shui includes the art of using colour, texture, directionology, earth healing through geopathis stress cures, neutralising microwave and electro- magnetic energies, space clearing and 9 star ki astrology.

Effective feng shui can create balance, harmony and optimum vitality throughout your home, work place and inner being.

Jo trained with the Feng Shui Academy under the tuition of Robert Gray and gained her professional qualification in all aspects of Feng Shui including advanced space- clearing.

Sivananda Vedanta Yoga is taught based on sacred knowledge passed down from ancient Yogis in the Himalayas.

Jo teaches regular group Sivananda Vedanta Yoga and Meditation classes in the North Oxfordshire area. Private tuition available.

Current regular yoga and Meditation classes :-

Swalcliffe Village Hall - Yoga - Mondays 7.45 p.m - 8.45 p.m £8 (60 mins)

Meditation - Mondays 9.05 p.m - 10.05 p.m £7 (60 mins)

Jo is a practicing student of Sivananda Vedanta Yoga and maintains close links with her teachers in the London Ashram where she gained her yoga teaching qualification.

Yoga therapy and private tuition for backache, tension and relaxation is available.

Yoga and Meditation in the workplace is available to help employees reduce stress levels, improve concentration and experience positive well being. Contact Jo for details

Shamanic Healing. As an experienced, professionally qualified shamanic practitioner working with spirit I offer shamanic soul retrieval, power animal retrieval, extraction, effigy work, psychopomp, divination, aura cleansing, remote healing, shamanic counselling and integration work. If you feel drawn to this work please feel free to contact me.

Jo gained her professional qualification under the tuition of Simon Buxton at Tkhe Sacred Trust.

A sound bath experience gives an amazing sensation of being enveloped in the healing tonal vibration of Tibetan singing bowls, shamanic drums, bells, cymbals and sistrum. Cleansing, purifying, healing, balancing, harmonising and nurturing, this sound bath experience can have potent and lasting beneficial effect.

Shamanic Drumming, Healing workshops and healing Circles.

Journey to the Sacred Self brings an opportunity to reconnect with your essential gifts, strengths and talents.

Free Fear - Become Love workshop. This workshop explores ways that you can live from a place of love.

Ancestral healing of bloodlines workshop. Clear old energy patterns that can be passed down through bloodlines and improve your quality of life.